Other Areas

John Buford monument, Chambersburg Pike
Mailed August, 1909 to Waynesboro, PA
Howard Avenue
Mailed March 1, 1927 to Bangor, ME
The Irish Brigade monument is near the Wheatfield. The Father Corbin statue is on South Hancock Ave., near the Pennsylvania monument
John Burns monument, on Stone Avenue, near McPherson Barn. Burns was a 70-year-old local resident who fought alongside Union troops on the battle's first day.
Mailed June 4, 1904 to Brooklyn, NY
Oak Ridge observation tower, one of several erected by the War Dept. in the late 19th Century
17th Pennsylvania Cavalry monument on Buford Avenue, near the Peace Light monument
Mailed July 28, 1906 to Fayetteville, PA
Mailed Aug. 10, 1960 to Stanhope, NJ
Peace Light monument atop Oak Hill, dedicated in 1938 as part of 75th anniversary ceremonies

Mailed August 1, 1908 to Newville, PA
26th Emergency Pennsylvania Infantry monument at Springs Avenue and Chambersburg Street